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Ice Skating Boots

A good pair of ice skating boots is a must for ice skating. Whilst skating on the ice is a lot of fun, an ill fitting or poor quality skating boot can cause serious damage to the feet and skin or even a broken ankle so buying the perfect skating boots is very important.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than ice skating in an ill fitting skating boot. These boots are not like other shoes in that you can compromise a little comfort for style. A good pair of ice skating boots should be a snug and comfortable fit and have the sensation of an extension of your feet. The heel should be of a fairly tight fit and should not move at all when you do.

Whilst a boot too big can become out of shape and blister, a too small boot can cause the toes to be pushed together and create an uncomfortable skating experience, not to mention sore toes. Other problems like a badly fitting instep can cause pain and give the wearer painful; cramp. This is just one of many reasons why when it comes to ice skating boots they need to be 100% perfect.

If you are a novice skater looking for your first ice skating boots here are a few tips that will help you.

As you are a beginner, a skate boot with attached blades would be most suitable for you. It is probably not a good idea to buy separate blades for your first pair of boots and as attached blades do not allow a choice of blades they are usually an all purpose one suitable for beginners.

Measure both your feet, the width as well as the length. Do not be concerned if the size does not match your shoe size; it just means that the fit on an ice skating boot is not the same as your usual brand of shoes.

Try them on a few times before you buy and see how you feel. If you can walk on dry land with new skates and the boots feel as if they are wobbling from side to side, they are not a good fit. You need a boot that can support your feet correctly and don’t allow your feet to move. With this in mind however make sure you have enough space for your toes and that they don’t feel constricted in any way.

As a beginner you may want a pair of thin leather ice skating boots. Thick leather boots can be extremely uncomfortable and rigid. You don’t want to get discouraged and give up at the first hurdle.

Lastly, don’t buy a cheap boot for your first pair. Compare the prices and buy a medium priced boot that suits you the best. Prioritise quality over cost. This may cost a little extra but it’s worth it.

Choosing the rightice skating bootscan be very tricky so it is better to seek expert help to find your perfect first pair. With a good pair of ice skating boots skating can become a fun way to spend leisure times.


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