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Ice Skates For Sale

There are quite a few different types of ice skates for sales nowadays which range anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. However, all skates will look and even feel the same to a newbie and this is why if you are just starting out and have no professional intention your best bet will be to stick with purchasing something that you personally feel good wearing.

The first thing you are going to notice and which may be slightly confusing is that there are two types of ice skates i.e. for figure skating and for ice hockey. While they may look the same to the untrained eye they are in fact slightly different. Figure skates have a slightly longer blade along with a toe pick and a shorter tail around the back. The purpose of these skates is to carve figures on the ice but requires greater balance and control. The toe pick helps with jumps, stops and spins but it is something that a new skater will have little use for. More expensive ice skates for sale will often have better picks especially designed to be used by a highly skilled skater.

Hockey skates are especially designed for maneuverability and speed which allows for quick stops and change in direction often required in hockey. The blade of hockey skates is narrower i.e. around 3mm and will not be as curved as a figure skate. However, the good thing about hockey skates from a beginner’s stand point is that it will not cause them to trip and fall.

There are a number of online and offline stores that offer seasonal promotions on ice skates but if you are really looking for a good deal it would be a great idea to search online. Online stores that put up ice skates for sale often offer bigger discounts allowing you to save as much as 25% - 50% off your purchase. Some will even customize the skates for you as part of their promotion by putting your name or title on them. However you need to know what you are looking for since you will not be able to try them on prior to your purchase.