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How To Ice Skate

Learning how to ice skate requires time and patience, it is a lot like learning how to ride a bike with the slight exception being that you are going to fall down a lot. Ice skating is hard work and even though the pros make it look simple as a beginner you will spend lots of time falling down and trying to balance yourself on the ice.

Your first step should be to learn how to balance your body, start by stretching your arms out just under shoulder level to balance your body. You then bend your knees and lean slightly forward without holding on to anything. While as a beginner you will get this urge to constantly hold on to the wall this can become a hindrance in your effort. You should only reach for the wall when you are about to fall.


Falling is a big part of ice skating and even the pros have their fair share of falls; this makes it even more important for you to learn how to fall. If you think you are going to fall just bend your knees slightly and go into a squat position. If it is too late then stretch your hands out and clench your hand into a fist so that your fingers are protected.

fell over ice skating

Every time you want to stop you should bend your knees inwards and push both your feet out. The objective here is to put pressure on the ice. You will know if you got it right if you see some ice collected near your skates when you stop. Getting this right at first can be difficult but it is not as difficult as the other aspects of ice skating.

There are a number of videos you can find online that teach you how to ice skate and while it is always good to have more info, ice skating is 99% practice. The more you hit the ice the sooner you will learn how to ice skate, that being said people who are new may also feel exhausted after an hour of ice skating and so rest is also required prior to starting again.